SEO for Cannabis Web sites

One thing that is unique to the cannabis industry versus most others when it comes to paid search advertising (SEM) using mediums such as Google and Bing is that this is not an option available for most cannabis content sites of any variety. Bing and Google do not allow paid search ads to run within their networks for dispensaries & other core cannabis brand web sites.

This takes away potentially 50% of the search engine advertising opportunities, leaving only one big opportunity available to get found in search, and that is SEO or the process of Search Engine Optimization.

You now are left with this question. What is SEO ?
-Determining if your site is already optimized for search engines couldn’t be simpler. Select any search engine you’d like to use, Google as an example. Enter whatever product or service your site is trying to sell. If your site isn’t mentioned in the top five or ten listed web sites that come up as a result of that search, your site is not optimized to be found easily in a consumer search engine and you can assume that the likelihood of you ever getting any customers or business, via that search engine, is nearly zero.
As a result, the practice of reorganizing and editing content and data on your web site pages to be found more easily via search is both the relevance and purpose behind what we call SEO or search engine optimization.
Search Engine Facts:
-Optimizing your site for search engines is a proven and highly skilled technique for improving the chances that your site will be found early in a relevant search.
 -Search engines create the highest quality traffic.
 -Search Engine Result Placement is crucial regarding traffic quantity & quality.
EXAMPLE: Coming up as number five (5) versus number three (3) in a search, will cause as much as a 75% attrition in traffic.
-Information within your meta-tags, ranking criteria, link popularity and other information is factored into a search engines algorithm.
-The large majority of search engine submissions (99%) are all but worthless.
-Link popularity (total number of sites linked to your site) increases traffic to your site and is an excellent source of targeted traffic.

NOTE: This important factor in search engine placement can be favorably manipulated to your site’s benefit.

Meta-tags provide a way to control your summary in some search engines and make your site more prominent. In addition, there are many on and off-site variables that need attention as part of many SEO related implementations, whether it be offsite link building, or onsite variables to make a faster loading website; or a better user experience (UX): easy to navigate website for end users; or more search engine friendly content; mobile responsiveness, site security/encryption and more; these are just some of the factors to consider when trying make sure your canna site stands out among the rest in the big ocean called search!

We understand how search engines work, and know how to exploit them to get high quality targeted traffic to your site, even factoring in content & compliance guidelines for age-restricted areas such as cannabis. We have done this for many global brands in different industries, most notably with the largest age restricted content sector online – adult entertainment.
For a fraction of what it costs to design and develop an attractive website, Buoyancy Digital’s SEO master can help to assure that your web site will be profitable, at least in terms of securing highly motivated users from search engine presence.

There are many more elements of SEO & search engine visibility to discuss. Stay tuned for more updates.

Rod Thompson is the founder of Cyber Stampede as well as CIO at Buoyancy Digital & heads up the agency’s SEO efforts for clients in the cannabis sector as well as other industries.

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