Advanced Website Design for Cannabis Dispensaries

Maximize your dispensary website to take advantage of EVERY SINGLE VISITOR. Optimize your users’ experience through design and technology to increase revenue from all your customer acquisition channels. Despite popular opinion, ecommerce is a valid customer acquisition channel for your dispensary. When you have a functioning ecommerce website setup for your dispensary, you can take advantage of all the other marketing technologies that are available online. Combine your website with online ordering capabilities, advanced communication channels, personalization & automation, advanced analytics, and loyalty programs to ensure that your customers remain loyal for life!

Dispensary ecommerce website design

Dispensary Ecommerce Website Design

In addition to the standard pages of a dispensary website (home, about us, contact us, age verification), your website must have a system to provide customers with real time access to your product selection.  Traditional ecommerce page designs, like category-level and product-level pages, as well as a branded checkout experience are a must to provide your customers with the service that keeps them coming back.

  • Page designs: home, about us, contact us, age verification, category-level, product-level, checkout
  • Basic search engine optimization
  • WooCommerce integration for ecommerce functionality and inventory management
  • Real time integrations customized for your other POS systems
  • Responsive design looks good on all screen sizes

Starting at $2000

Advanced Website Design Add-Ons

Online ordering for cannabis dispensary websites

Online Ordering

  • Collect products into a cart for checkout
  • Order submissions sent to store for fulfillment
  • Order communications & notifications for customers
  • Restrict to verified customers only

Starting at $1250

Advanced communications for dispensary websites

Advanced Communications

  • Newsletter opt-ins, segmentation, and broadcasts
  • SMS communications, segmentation and alerts
  • Refill notices, in-stock notices
  • Special sales alerts

Starting at $750

Advanced analytics for dispensary ecommerce websites

Advanced Analytics

  • Attribution & modeling
  • Advanced ecommerce tracking
  • Return on ad spend dashboards
  • Customer engagement reporting

Starting at $1500

Dispensary website loyalty programs

Loyalty Programs

  • Discounts and role-based pricing with admin
  • User account signup & role assignment
  • Custom newsletter segmentation & broadcasting
  • Custom landing page design & integration

Starting at $1000

Dispensary website loyalty programs

Chatbot Shopping Experience

Juniper Research cited chatbot implementation benefits such as cost savings, up-selling, marketing and cart recovery as major retailer chatbot ‘push’ factors.

Retailers that take advantage of these opportunities will help propel chatbot implementation and drive eCommerce transactions via chatbots to $112 billion by 2023 😳😳😳

Cannabis dispensaries can take advantage of chatbots to help grow their profits:

  • Increase new customer acquisition
  • Increase customer retention
  • Increase average per order totals
  • Increase customer lifetime values
  • Decrease expenses

Contact us if you want to provide your customers a personalized shopping experience with a custom chatbot


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