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Cannabis SEO and advertising – NCIA podcast interview with Scott Rabinowitz

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On behalf of the Buoyancy Digital ad agency team, we are grateful to NCIA and CannabisRadio for having our founder, Scott Rabinowitz on their show. Topics covered included SEO for cannabis web sites, as well as tips for online advertising & #YouthSafety compliance for cannabis brands online. Grab a coffee and have a listen. Want to talk about your online advertising # SEO needs and operate in the cannabis industry? Give us a shout and we'll be back to you within a business day to talk solutions specific to your digital marketing needs. Buoyancy Digital is the leading digital advertising agency for age restricted brands worldwide, proud members of #NCIA & supporting #YouthSafety firm ResponsiTech. Reach us via https://buoyancydigital.com/cannabis

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Cannabis marketing – practical SEO considerations from Rod at Buoyancy Digital

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One thing that is unique to the cannabis industry versus most others when it comes to paid search advertising (SEM) using mediums such as Google and Bing is that this is not an option available for most cannabis content sites of any variety. Bing and Google do not allow paid search ads to run within their networks for dispensaries & other core cannabis brand web sites. This takes away potentially 50% of the search engine advertising opportunities, leaving only one big opportunity available to get found in search, and that is SEO or the process of Search Engine Optimization. You now are left with this question. What is SEO ? -Determining if your site is already optimized for search engines couldn’t be simpler. Select [...]

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Keyword research tool SEMRush endorsed by Buoyancy Digital agency

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Almost 20 years in the making! I have been playing with, stress testing and validating 3rd party keyword research tools for various uses as a digital marketer, for brands, agencies, publishers and other digital media platform providers. For our clients' SEM campaigns on any search engine platform. For our clients' competitive analysis of the organic and paid search segments of the funnel. For content and user experience managers to use even larger sets of informed data in keyword selection and tagging for all content on their owned and earned media. After many experiments, with 3rd party keyword and visibility research tools, some of which have even gone off the market, SEMRush is hands-down, my favorite. Well worth your time and expense.