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At Buoyancy Digital, we leverage our unique position and hands-on approach to advise business owners and leaders across various industries. We provide valuable insights into sales strategy and digital advertising, helping you navigate the dynamic landscape of marketing operations, customer acquisition, and direct response marketing to achieve remarkable results.
Management Consultancy
for Marketing Departments
Our consultancy services extend beyond buying ad campaigns. We help you make strategic marketing decisions that drive business growth, whether it's expanding into new markets, optimizing your existing lead generation processes, or developing a game-changing strategy to convert your prospects.

Digital Media Buying
all mediums - Search, Social & Display
With a background as digital media sellers, our team understands the ins & outs of the process, helping your company navigate the world of digital media buying.  Our services encompass media source procurement, audience targeting, campaign management, optimization, and comprehensive result reporting.
Search Engine Marketing
Google, Microsoft, PPC
From Google and Bing to paid PPC campaign management on search engines worldwide, Buoyancy Digital and its partners have provided highly profitable SEM services, curating targeted paid search campaigns for a select group of companies in various industries since the late 1990’s.

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We provide valuable marketing insights to maximize growth for business leaders across various industries.

Client Voices: Real Results, Real Feedback

  • We have been working with Buoyancy Digital for over a year, and they have been sending us quality traffic from a variety of sources. They are always friendly and quick to respond whenever we have questions or need anything, and are always a pleasure to deal with.
    - Suzanne - Media sales,
  • Scott from Buoyancy Digital is one of our top go-to resources in the world of digital media and traffic management for entertainment companies. Scott serves as a key contributor on matters of revenue development, digital advertising, social media and sourcing of strategic partners for several of our top clients and other companies in the industries we service.
    - Gregory A. Piccionelli, Esq., Piccionelli & Sarno
  • Scott’s help was the best professional assistance I ever received. He put us on the internet map. Best money we ever spent.
    - Mike Deulen, Just Details Painting, Inc.
  • Having worked with Scott on and off projects over the past 8 years I have always been impressed with his communication style, work-ethic, and creativity in delivering bottom line results. He is absolutely committed to driving client’s goals with thoughtful, valuable, and strategic direction. He and his team have moved digital mountains and always on time and in budget.
    - Matt Coapman,
  • During the year that Scott served as our interim SEM solution, he achieved and surpassed several performance goals set for our PPC campaigns, all of which were for direct response to drive mobile end user subscription sales. From cost per action to sales volume and click-to-sale conversion ratios, all facets of our SEM accounts with Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter were managed well and delivered a profitable output, even at large scale.
    - Liam Colins, Pink Visual
  • Scott is exceptional. He has the keen ability to seamlessly align vision and execution which has forged deals with several Fortune 150 brands. Scott is passionate about digital innovation, fostering employee growth, and providing unparalleled service to clients. I suspect our journey is merely beginning.
    - Tom Popomaronis, OpiaTalk
  • I found Scott a creative digital marketing specialist able to devise digital solutions to improve the effectiveness of the campaigns we established. He is extremely professional and proactive, continuously reaching out and following up on key items to drive the campaign performance.
    - Michael Benjamin, Rosetta Stone EU

Proven Impact: Our Metrics Speak Volumes

At its peak, Buoyancy Digital clients generated over 90 million monthly unique website visitors and a cumulative 2.2 billion across various industries worldwide
Generated 500+ billion online ad impressions for clients, requiring rigorous publisher vetting standards pre-dating programmatic ad standards
Generated over $10 million monthly eCommerce revenue for clients, spanning CPG/hard goods and digital content, with media team guidance
Cumulatively generated north of $1.5 billion in consumer (B2C/DTC) sales online, spread across all digital ad channels

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