Buoyancy Digital is a Colorado-based management & digital media consultancy. Principals of the company have been engaged in the timely delivery of profit-building online advertising campaigns & management consulting services for over 20 years.  In our time in business, we have bought and sold over $300 million in multi-channel digital media.

Our background includes many years buying and selling digital media for and to some of the top entertainment companies in the world, all with an eye for direct response sales-driving campaigns. In addition, our team has supported clients in various industries, including age-restricted areas, with top shelf services including SEO, SEM, affiliate/influencer program management, and conversion rate optimization.

Over the years, we have become thoroughly acquainted with a wide array of online advertising techniques, methods for sourcing traffic, digital business models, content & traffic management technologies, and world-class service providers.  We are proud to say we have always been early adopters of new technologies and digital opportunities.

We humbly admit to witnessing and experiencing first-hand what it means to succeed as well as to fail over time. As a result, our team is hyper-sensitive to the impact of all time, energy, money and related resources a company invests to grow.

We are in a unique position to advise owners and leaders of companies in many industries, whether merchant or service provider on matters of sales strategy and digital advertising.

Company principals are always hands-on when designing agile methodologies to deliver marketing operations, customer acquisition and direct response marketing results.

Founder & CEO: Scott Rabinowitz
Specialties: digital media buying, SEM, digital ad sales, social media (paid) advertising
Tenure: 21 years working with internet brands & service providers.
Brand references: Sex.com, FantasyFinder, Arrow Productions, Microsoft Store, Rosetta Stone, CitySports, Fleshlight, MyFreeCams, Dennis Hof/Moonlite BunnyRanch
Accreditation: Google Partner/AdWords, Microsoft BingAds, IAB DMSC

Partner & CIO: Rod Thompson
Specialties: SEO, reputation management, organic social media
Tenure: almost 20 years working with internet brands & service providers.
Brand references: Sanyo Japan, Martin Lindstrom, Playgirl, ScoresLive, IMFC, Dennis Hof/Moonlite BunnyRanch

Partner & COO: Becky DeForest
Specialties: Marketing operations, conversion rate optimization, affiliate program management, subscription eCommerce
Tenure: 22 years working with internet brands & service providers.
Brand references: AdultRevenueService (ARS)

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