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This post is essentially a lesson in how the smallest yet most effective tools can impact your life, your business and even help make new friends and grow your book of business.

Like many young companies with a passion for technology and media convergence, our team found ourselves among the thousands of attendees at this year’s SXSW Interactive event in Austin.

A team of four, armed with the usual cadre of energy consuming smart devices so we could all stay in touch on the ground and manage our business remotely via apps and browser based tools.

The conference was an incredible experience in so many ways, and I say that having attended 150+ conferences related to technology over almost 20 years. We learned things in emerging technology and business practices from the next generations of visionaries. We networked, met great people, made friends, generated leads, even closed a few new clients.

The problem seen day one during all this B2B networking bliss and intellectual utopia – drained device batteries, ours and those of many other attendees we were talking to. The stationary recharging kiosks were an option, but generally too busy, with a deep queue and requiring peeps to stand there and await the recharge.

Our solution: enter Jackery. After reading a few reviews in the weeks prior to the conference on portable re-chargers, the Jackery devices stood out for being small enough to be discreetly used for on-the-go recharges of smartphones and tablets. We grabbed six of the slim and noticeably well designed orange singles, as pictured above. We could re-charge in a coat pocket, inside a purse, a backpack, without stopping at a fixed location. More significantly, so could anyone we were talking to….

Almost everyone we chatted with needed a battery top-off for their iOS and Droid powered phones. It was delightful to be walking and talking with someone and able to provide immediate relief to their communications problem, much like offering a jacket to help someone shake off the cold. People were grateful, laughs exchanged and lots of batteries rejuvenated.

I call that a socio-marketing tech gadget usage collision success, even if unintended.

Thanks @Jackery. Best investment made all year in a device, let alone a way to make friends at a conference.