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Cannabis marketing – practical SEO considerations from Rod at Buoyancy Digital

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One thing that is unique to the cannabis industry versus most others when it comes to paid search advertising (SEM) using mediums such as Google and Bing is that this is not an option available for most cannabis content sites of any variety. Bing and Google do not allow paid search ads to run within their networks for dispensaries & other core cannabis brand web sites. This takes away potentially 50% of the search engine advertising opportunities, leaving only one big opportunity available to get found in search, and that is SEO or the process of Search Engine Optimization. You now are left with this question. What is SEO ? -Determining if your site is already optimized for search engines couldn’t be simpler. Select [...]

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Conversion and Landing Page Optimization from Buoyancy Digital

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Let’s Fix your Conversion Process and Web Site Output We are pleased to announce the availability of high level marketing infrastructure & operational support services. Our operations chief Becky brings over 20 years of proven talents with optimizing the digital end user experience to drive sales. She was a co-founder at ARS, one of the first and largest subscription content eCommerce site portfolios & affiliate networks online. Becky and the Buoyancy Digital team will strategize and build optimized digital marketing infrastructure that blends content with user intelligence, personalization and automation to develop & nurture relationships via digital communication channels until they become profitable. This offering is agnostic of how the client is sourcing their digital visitors, as well as their specific eCommerce business models & [...]

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Square is the only ecommerce solution needed for small business

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As we know all too well, a single merchant can wind up using & thus paying for use of multiple CRM, eCommerce, Point-of-Sale/POS and other systems when one commerce-centric solution can do the job. Having polled clients and colleagues who offer commerce across multiple channels from in-person to events to online (social and web), over 88% told us that use of the Square system of card readers, POS and the included eCommerce management software has simplified their business and given them back some of their time that used to go towards pulling data and managing accounts on multiple platforms. Square sets the gold standard.