CBD Edibles and Dr Norms – The Online Bakery is Open for Business

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Los Angeles, CA - December 2018 – Legendary edibles brand Dr. Norm’s Cookies has debuted a direct to consumer eCommerce site for the US market, as part of the company’s corporate development plan. Dr. Norm’s is the creator of chocolate chip therapy mini cookies, the top ranked THC & CBD edibles available from dispensaries in California, as reviewed by High Times, MG Retailer and other cannabis industry publications. They are known for great tasting cookies that allow you to taste the cookie and not the medicine as well as the relevant concept “Know Your Dose!” In 2018, the edibles brand introduced CBD only variations of its flagship chocolate chip cookie as well as adding a peanut butter chocolate CBD only variety. With the launch of [...]

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Cannabusiness & Subscriptions: Recurring Revenue for the Cannabis Industry

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Subscription business models allow businesses to strategically plan for growth because they generate recurring revenue. Repeated cash flow that is steady and predictable is business nirvana. However, before you can build predictable cash flow and revenue, you need to know what the critical success factors of a subscription business model are and how to accurately measure them. Cannabis products & delivery services are perfect candidates for use in subscription business models. Because they are consumed and need ongoing replenishment, providing products on a timely basis, as the customer needs it, fulfills both your customer need, and provides the holy grail of recurring revenue. However, because we’re talking about cannabis products, you will need to do your homework on the compliance requirements within your jurisdiction, to [...]

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Cannabis retailers and dispensaries: Join us at the RAD Expo in Portland

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An announcement from our friends at the RAD Expo. Buoyancy Digital, the industry's premier online ad agency for adult use brands, will be there and we look forward to meeting new and established cannabis retailers and dispensaries. Let's talk traffic, for your facilities and your web sites. The RAD Expo returns this fall for marijuana retailers   Following the RAD Expo’s huge success in January, Marijuana Venture will be producing the next RAD (Retail and Dispensary) Expo this October 10-11 in Portland, Oregon. The B2B event is 100% focused on marijuana retail and dispensary businesses. Because the RAD Expo is free for marijuana retail and dispensary owners, buyers and employees, the quality of attendees was a difference-maker for many exhibitors. “The RAD Expo is [...]

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Cannabis media buying: Scott Rabinowitz as panelist at cannabis conference Miami USCC Expo

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Buoyancy Digital is honored to support the US Cannabis Conference in Miami next week. Agency founder Scott Rabinowitz will be a speaking as a panelist at the event, discussing best practices for Youth Safety and media buying for cannabis brands online.

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Conversion and Landing Page Optimization from Buoyancy Digital

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Let’s Fix your Conversion Process and Web Site Output We are pleased to announce the availability of high level marketing infrastructure & operational support services. Our operations chief Becky brings over 20 years of proven talents with optimizing the digital end user experience to drive sales. She was a co-founder at ARS, one of the first and largest subscription content eCommerce site portfolios & affiliate networks online. Becky and the Buoyancy Digital team will strategize and build optimized digital marketing infrastructure that blends content with user intelligence, personalization and automation to develop & nurture relationships via digital communication channels until they become profitable. This offering is agnostic of how the client is sourcing their digital visitors, as well as their specific eCommerce business models & [...]

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Google Partners AdWords certification renewed by Buoyancy Digital

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The wide array of SEM and overall search marketing options from Google are mission critical to the marketing plans of companies & organizations throughout the global economy. Staying current with paid search best practices & techniques as well as AdWords policies & feature updates through certification is part of our commitment to bringing our best game to every client project. As a committed digital marketing and SEM service provider, Buoyancy Digital is pleased to re-certify its' standing as an AdWords certified Google Partner, with a specialization in mobile SEM.

Square is the only ecommerce solution needed for small business

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As we know all too well, a single merchant can wind up using & thus paying for use of multiple CRM, eCommerce, Point-of-Sale/POS and other systems when one commerce-centric solution can do the job. Having polled clients and colleagues who offer commerce across multiple channels from in-person to events to online (social and web), over 88% told us that use of the Square system of card readers, POS and the included eCommerce management software has simplified their business and given them back some of their time that used to go towards pulling data and managing accounts on multiple platforms. Square sets the gold standard.

Safecig ecig starter kits have the best prices in 2016!

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  So a true confession - I have been a cigarette smoker for 20 years. It was time to look at options and I am evaluating ecigs as an option, starting with Safecig, the original and best ecig starter kits. They are low priced, ship direct and offer both the ecig starter kits and my favorite flavors of ecig refills. I highly recommend them.

Interactive Overlays are the Future of Online Video Advertising

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To battle the overgrowth of ineffective ads, now there’s a software that is changing the face of advertising forever. It’s a legally patented technology called Interactive Video Overlay. Before the release of this version of Interactive Video Overlay, advertisers and content providers couldn’t control where the viewer is directed. The technology allows content providers to include calls to actions within a video that currently cannot be controlled by content provider via some of the other video delivery platforms or social platforms. Now the viewer has a much richer and stickier experience – because the calls to action are created by the content providers and the viewers are in control of their own experiences. This technology assists content providers to not only to drive membership and [...]