To battle the overgrowth of ineffective ads, now there’s a software that is changing the face of advertising forever. It’s a legally patented technology called Interactive Video Overlay.

Before the release of this version of Interactive Video Overlay, advertisers and content providers couldn’t control where the viewer is directed.

The technology allows content providers to include calls to actions within a video that currently cannot be controlled by content provider via some of the other video delivery platforms or social platforms.

Now the viewer has a much richer and stickier experience – because the calls to action are created by the content providers and the viewers are in control of their own experiences.

This technology assists content providers to not only to drive membership and web store product sales, but also app downloads, social media fan growth and as a very premium ROI way to support clients’ mainstream advertisers & sponsors.

Here’s how it works. Interactive Video Overlay is a video “wrapper” or overlay application that allows businesses and brands who publish video online to publish their free clips with built-in calls to action to drive sales, new social followers, email leads, app downloads and to whatever else the content provide desires.

Best of all, what makes this patented Interactive Video Overlay unique is that it doesn’t require an embedded video player because it’s built in HTML 5.

And now Interactive Video Overlays are pumping up video ads like they were on steroids.

For example, this SEO & SEM SERVICES video uses Interactive Video Overlays to offer more choices to the viewer. A menu appears on the left of the player while the action continues on the screen. The viewer has the opportunity to:

-Click through to the company contact form

-Visit the company Facebook page

Or the viewer can simply continue watching.

Having this level of control is a more pleasurable experience for the visitor. And research shows they will stick around longer when they’re enjoying their experience.

The patented video overlay shown above is provided by SmaaartSpot, created by entertainment professionals, for content creators, agencies, brands and publishers.